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3D Principles

Core Data Models

The architecture is designed with core data models that include commonly found data in organizations, such as contacts, finances, assets, activities, contracts, and human resources. These models have been created based on an 80% threshold, which means that data not present in at least 80% of systems is excluded. 

Globally Unique Primary Keys

Primary keys in the architecture consist of a globally unique eight-byte key, which includes a system id and a record id. The system id identifies the system that created the record, while the record id is an incremented integer. These primary keys are automatically assigned to all types of data, including master data, transaction data, and system data.

Record Governance

Record governance is a system that allows us to know which system owns a record. This ensures that data is managed and maintained correctly throughout its lifecycle. When a system creates a record, it automatically governs it, and if needed, governance can be transferred to another system. 

Data Transfer

Data transfer is a mechanism that enables the exchange of data between publishing and subscribing systems. This process involves record groups, subscriber groups, and subscriptions. Record groups define the data to be shared and can include multiple levels of child records. Subscriber groups are composed of systems with a shared interest in the data being subscribed to, and subscriptions specify which record groups a subscriber group is entitled to access.

Application Framework

An application framework simplifies the development of enterprise systems (ESs) by providing a collection of software tools that creates a user interface. It operates on parameters, making it easy for organizations to switch frameworks without affecting the ES.  The parameters for the application framework will be standardized so multiple vendors can create their own versions. Note: the database architecture for 3D ESs has been created but the application framework has not.

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