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To empower our industry to create enterprise systems that can be customized to meet unique needs and have an inherent capability to exchange data. 

Creating systems in a new way

The vision is that we will educate and certify IT Professionals on how to create systems in a new way.  When systems are created they will download a core enterprise system that addresses the common needs organizations have such as managing contacts, finances, and activities/projects.

Then they will follow a structured methodology to create a new system.  This will involve extending and customizing the system to meet the unique needs of the organization.

The system will have an inherent capability to exchange data so it will connect the system to any other systems that it needs to exchange data with.

We will be able to address the needs of large complex conglomerates like government by creating many business unit systems that are customized to meet unique needs and all networked together to form a system for the entire conglomerate. 

Today's enterprise systems were not created with the intention of implementing separate systems with many business units and then networking them together to effortlessly exchange all forms of master and transactional data.

As a result, we are forced to create a single monolithic system that addresses the needs of all business units.  This results in complexities with tailoring it to meet unique business unit needs and securing it so one business unit cannot see another business unit's data.

Furthermore, as a result of the "Theory of Functional Complexity" there is only so big these systems get before they implode in their own complexity.

The 3D approach will allow us to take on these challenges and break the barriers to address the needs of the most complex conglomerates. 

Breaking barriers

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