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Next steps

Recruit members interested in participating

To effectively operate the described cooperative, we will initially need a small team of thought leaders. enterprise architects and marketing professionals that understand and believe in the concept.  Eventually, the team will be expanded to include software developers/engineers, database administrators, UI/UX designers, project managers, business analysts, quality assurance/testers, data analysts, operations and administration staff, human resources specialists, legal and compliance experts, training and development specialists, and IT infrastructure/support staff.

Create  the application framework

Recruit organizations interested in participating

The next step will be finding organizations interested in participating as members.  They will provide funding and will benefit by shaping the initial offering to address needs. 

Formalize education and certification

Although there are 25 training videos, more work will be necessary to expand on the education, write tests and develop certifications/designations.

Furthermore, an organization will be necessary to host the certification/designation that will coordinate the education, manage the open source code and review practices of members to ensure principles are being followed.

Structure the organization

This will involve developing the operational procedures that support the mission, vision and values of the organization.

Financial plan

A financial plan and business case will need to be formalized based on expectations for expenses and revenue

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