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Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT, Postgres, and 3D Enterprise Systems

I want to share a vision of the future that involves leveraging ChatGPT, Postgres, and 3D Enterprise Systems 3D-ES. By joining forces and supporting an open-source platform, we can shape the path ahead and revolutionize how enterprise systems (ESs) are built and interconnected.

ChatGPT's potential to generate code for ESs is evident, enabling us to create new systems faster than ever before. However, the current challenge lies in the limited ability of today's ESs to be effectively networked together. They lack globally unique primary keys, lack record governance, struggle with data sharing among systems, and lack a global mechanism for triggering data transfers when changes occur.

These limitations severely restrict the robustness of our systems. For instance, imagine implementing ESs by business unit for a government organization that encompasses healthcare and education entities. Today's systems would struggle to handle this challenge. To overcome such obstacles, we need the capability to implement multiple business unit systems that seamlessly network with each other, ensuring data is entered once and securely shared across the entire network. Such an architecture would also enable automated data aggregation for reporting and AI purposes.

If we take this concept further, we can envision a future where all organizations within a supply chain are interconnected. Data would only need to be entered once, and it would be securely shared across all organizations that require it. However, to achieve this vision, we need an open-source solution. It is impractical for a single company to develop and maintain all the enterprise systems that would be part of such a network.

The 3D ES platform is designed to create networked enterprise systems. It provides core data structures for managing commonly encountered organizational data such as contacts, finances, assets, and activities. These structures are designed to be extended to meet the unique needs of different business units.

The 3D ES platform incorporates an 8-byte globally unique primary key method and features for record governance and automated data transfer. Imagine feeding schema definitions into a ChatGPT engine that automatically transforms existing system definitions into 3D ES schema definitions. As ChatGPT learns how to convert schemas into the 3D ES model, its ability to generate new system definitions improves exponentially.

When ChatGPT generates a 3D ES schema definition, it simultaneously populates a data dictionary for the new system. This data dictionary is then used to generate database definitions and conversion routines, streamlining the migration process. Furthermore, as the ChatGPT model evolves, it could extend its capabilities to produce user interfaces using a parameterized application framework, generating user interface parameters from the application source code.

Of course, the task of converting all existing systems to the new model is no small feat. It presents a monumental undertaking that would require the collective efforts of our community for years to come. However, the end result would be an open-source enterprise system network capable of meeting the complex needs of conglomerates and supply chains alike.

We are much closer than you might think to realizing this transformative reality. By embracing open-source technologies, such as the Postgres database and the 3D ES platform, we can take the critical first step towards making this vision a reality.

I invite you all to share your thoughts, questions, and support for this initiative. Together, we can unlock the full potential of ChatGPT, Postgres, and 3D ES, revolutionizing the way enterprise systems are built, connected, and leveraged for the benefit of organizations worldwide.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your valuable contributions.

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