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Why become a member?

Membership is available to business and techical resources that make up the cooperative as well as clients that are interested in learning more about 3d systems.

Explore some of the key benefits for getting involved as a founding member


Membership is a prerequisite for employment positions, ensuring that our dedicated members are given priority. Active participation in forum discussions further enhances the chances of being considered for hiring opportunities within the cooperative.

Access to videos

Twenty five videos are available to members to explain the concept and reveal how the complex procedures work. 

Collaborate with piers

Join a community where synergy fuels exceptional results. Together, we amplify our impact, combining expertise, resources, and ideas for transformative solutions. Unleash your potential, forge meaningful partnerships, and be part of a collective force driving unlimited growth and success. 


Become a founding member and leave a lasting legacy that revolutionizes how enterprise systems are created and deployed by leveraging a cooperative.

Sweat equity

Members have the opportunity to contribute sweat equity towards the organization's growth and advancement. During the early stages, sweat equity holds a value four times higher than in the later stages of maturity. 

Source Code

All the 144 procedures, functions and scripts are made available to you to be able to leverage.  This will help you better understand the scope of what has been done and may provide you useful source code for future projects.

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