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Abstract Structure


Our mission is to create networkable enterprise systems by leveraging the collaborative power of a technology cooperative. Through this cooperative, we strive to empower organizations, enabling them to regain control of their enterprise systems and experience the benefits of seamless data exchange, enhanced efficiency, and innovative solutions.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Networkable Enterprise Systems

The ES platform is designed from the ground up to be able to exchange data and aggregate it for reporting and AI.  This will allow us to create a worldwide network of ES’s that securely exchange data and to create secure subnets for conglomerates to exchange data between business units.

The ES platform will include a browser that allows us to fully parameterize the creation of ESs.  This will allow us to:


  • Reduce the cost of creating and maintaining ES’s.

  • Decouple ES’s from the underlying technology thereby improving their useful life.

  • Improve our ability to exchange functionality between systems.


Technology cooperative (Co-op)

We strive to accomplish this through a technology cooperative that empowers its members while addressing compensation disparities.


The cooperative is designed to provide a scalable, efficient, and expeditious decision-making process that values the input and expertise of all members. 

The benefits to members are:

  • Empowerment through active participation.

  • Collective ownership and shared success.

  • Fair and equitable compensation.

  • Opportunities for professional growth and development.

  • Formulated to improve job security

  • Alignment with shared values and purpose.

Special Effects

Empower organizations

The Co-op is designed to empower organizations to regain control of their enterprise systems.  The key benefits to organizations will be:

  • Empower them to quickly adapt their system to their unique needs.

  • Improve efficiency by entering data once and then securely sharing it with every other business unit/entity that requires it.

  • Reduce the cost of implementing and maintaining their ES

  • Allow them easy access to detailed data that crosses all functional and regional boundaries within their organization.

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