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Business Case

The 3D Solution tackles the limitations of today's ESs with a networkable solution. It also empowers organizations to break their dependence on ES vendors, allowing them to maintain control over their systems. The 3D Solution improves efficiency and reduces costs by leveraging a unified application framework. With a massive market opportunity and the urgency to address existing flaws, the 3D Solution is poised to revolutionize the ES landscape.

Addresses limitations of today's ESs

Today's ES lack the ability to network solutions together for complex conglomerates. The 3D Solution overcomes this limitation by enabling the implementation of tailored systems for each business unit within a conglomerate, facilitating data exchange between units, and aggregating data for reporting and AI. It also provides connectivity to a global network of systems for seamless data exchange with partners, suppliers, and customers.

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Decouples organizations from ES Vendors

Many organizations become overly dependent on ES vendors, hindering their flexibility and incurring high costs. The 3D Solution empowers organizations by giving them control over their ES. They can either utilize certified 3D resources or hire their own resources to maintain their systems, ensuring independence and agility in addressing their unique needs.  Furthermore, a key value of the 3D solution is to provide organizations full access to their database and source code in the event they chose a different path that better meets their needs.

Improves efficiency and reduce costs

The IT industry often reinvents application frameworks with each new ES, leading to duplication of effort and limited robustness. The 3D Solution takes a different approach by investing in a single, robust application framework that fully parameterizes system definitions. This enables sharing of functionality between systems, streamlines the creation process, and increases the useful life of the systems by decoupling definitions from underlying source code.

Capitalizes on opportunities and needs

The software market presents a significant opportunity, with projected spending of $1,007,769 million in 2023. The 3D Solution addresses the existing flaws in the ES landscape and has the potential to capture a share of this market. Even if a conservative 1% of the annual spending on information systems were directed towards the 3D approach, it would result in substantial revenue of $100,776,900,000. This demonstrates the financial potential and the pressing need for an alternative solution.

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