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This page discusses the accomplishments that have been made so far.

Developed principles and solicited feedback

The principles for 3D Enterprise Systems were published on LinkedIn where we solicited feedback.  Here is a link to the original articles:

Developed the architecture 

This task involved developing the architecture to support the principles.  The key features of the architecture are automated data exchange, globally unique primary keys (half size of GUID), core models for common data, a financial system, automatic data warehouse generation, master data search engine, central change history (audit logging).

Wrote and published a book

The book documents our challenges and limitations with our current approach to enterprise systems and then describes the key principles necessary to address them.  The book also describes the architecture necessary to accomplish the principles.

Developed a proof of concept environment

The proof of concept environment represents a government entity with enterprise systems for eight departments (e.g. land registry, citizen registry, municipal dept).  The government entity exchanges data with four external systems.  

The POC environment demonstrates how we can create complex systems for organizations that are customized to their unique needs yet automatically integrate the systems so data is only ever entered once and securely shared with every other system that requires it.  The POC environment also demonstrates how we can automatically aggregate data from many systems into a data warehouse(s).

Training videos

Education in the form of 25 training videos has been created that explains in detail the entire environment and the rationalization for the architecture.

Structured a cooperative

A cooperative has been structured to share the success of this initiative

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