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Need help creating an application framework

In this post, I have a #QuestionForGroup about creating an application framework to connect to the open-source platform I created using Postgres.

The platform allows us to create enterprise systems that have an inherent capability to exchange data and aggregate data from many enterprise systems for reporting and AI.

I have multiple opportunities for the platform. As a result, I need to proceed to the next step which is to create an application framework that will allow us to create fully parameterized user interfaces that connect to the platform.

I am looking for insights from the group whether an application framework like this already exists. If not, I would appreciate recommendations for technologies supported by open-source libraries that will allow us to create a robust application framework. If you have experience in building such a framework, I would like to hear from you.

If you are interested in a more detailed understanding of the application framework I envision, please check out this video - 020.140 Application Framework.

Thanks for your attention. Please repost and pass it on to anyone else that maybe interested. Thank you.

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